By Shazzar Kallie

Virtuous and sanctified is what I strive to be.
So many people want to follow the worldly crowd.
I will abstain from fornication and keep my virginity
until I'm in the sanctity of marriage making my Lord proud.

Innocent in sexual pleasures but experienced in truth.
Purity has set me free with the victory over tribulations.
I have resisted and fought the battle ever since my youth.
God blesses those who resist the flesh and sexual temptations.

Righteousness is the virtue I hunger and thirst.
Irremovable from my morals and faith I stand steadfast.
I will stay on the straight and narrow path finishing first.
Those who stray on the worldly, wide road shall end up last.

God has given me the desire to be holy and pure.
My morals are the wind beneath my wings to take flight.
The Lord Jesus rules my life giving me the strength to endure,
because only through Him shall we see and walk in the true light.

Inspired by Jesus Christ, a virgin who died without sin.
I will not succumb to the spirits of immorality and sexual lust.
No temptation can drench the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within.
Sinful desires are destroyed by God whom I put all my love and trust.

Never does God give a burden we cannot bear.
I'll settle for a spiritual embrace and a loving kiss.
God has a blessed union for my divine mate and me to share.
Christian chastity before marriage leads to heavenly marital bliss.

© 1999

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