To Love

By Shazzar Kallie

To love is to deeply care
to desire, ponder and wonder.
To despise is not to share
the feelings of love that come
from up yonder.

Love is the expression of one's self,
sharing feelings that come about.
Love the one who loves you
so each of you can share a love
without insecurity or doubt.

Love is treasured by the few,
lust is adorned by many.
How can someone truly
share their love with you
if you do not give them any.

I loved once but received
nothing in return.
It left me with bitter feelings
of pain, betrayal and distrust,
because my heart was burned.

I will never love someone
who does not love me.
Why should I offer to unlock
my heart's door for someone
who does not want the key.

To love (lust) is to be a fool,
but a fool can never truly love.
To love (truly) is to be a man,
completed by the love of a woman
who understands.

© 1994.

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