(A Love Poem)

By Shazzar Kallie

The rain cascaded
in showers from the gray sky,
as the heavens touched
earth, quenching thirst for dry lands
and giving life unto all.

It gave life to our union.
We embraced as the raindrops
poured like pennies from Heaven
enriching our love.
We needed it to grow.

Our bodies lay wet,
on the grassy hillside
as we forgot about tomorrow
and cherished the day
angels shed their tears.

Jazz filled the atmosphere
as the tears became
a melody of enchantment
when they touched earth
as our souls danced to the rhythm.

The motion of our movements
were enhanced by the cool air
which breezed through our lungs.
There was no concept of time,
only the moment existed.

I wished to never see the sun again.
It would only dry up the ecstasy
that enshrined in our souls
as the gray sky stretched
across the horizon.

© 1997

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