Real Love

By Shazzar Kallie

Real love is to hate as day is to night.
"I love you", is what two lovers will say.
How are they to know it may turn to blight?

Arguing over words, who's wrong, who's right
When real lovers learn to have fun and play
While trying to make peace instead of fight.

Romantic dinners under candlelight,
Gifts of devotion costing a week's pay
Sometimes cannot win love with all thy might.

A fool for love is a fool for pain, fright
Is felt because who wants to feel betrayed.
They give love but don't receive their love's sight.

Real love begins when a friendship is tight,
Not when lust is the emotion displayed,
Because temptation blinds you from love's light.

Chains of broken hearts are an oversight
When vows of love forever and a day
Are mistook for infatuationed bites
From Cupid on a warm, mid-summer's night.

© 1992

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