Prison of Love

By Shazzar Kallie

The thought of you sends chills down my spine,
as imaginations emerge me into your presence.
The idea of your eyes entranced upon me,
your arms amorously embracing me as your lips caress mine,
entwined in love and passion that can only flourish
in the dreams of dreamers and the fantasies of fanatics of love
in romantic bliss as I hunger for yet another kinetic kiss from your luscious lips.

I embrace my mind's perception of you, a photograph in my memory
that keeps you in my presence when you are not near.
A photograph of your smooth ebony skin and sable hair,
the expression on your face, the shape of your hips and the curves
of your body my mind cannot dismiss.
The thought of your lips and my desire for your sweet smile,
as your endearing eyes enlighten my essence of love
making me hunger for your affection and sight of your pretty profile.

If you were the earth, I would wish to be the moon
so I could rotate around you giving you my cool light in the calm midnight
as I send waves up and down your body.
If you were the sun, I would wish to be the earth so I could feel your warmth
as your rays heat up my surface while brightening up my life.

You are my desire, my effervescent fire which burns as the never ceasing sun,
an eternal flame in my heart, infused with passion that can only be quenched
by the nectar of your sweet soul.

I surrender unto you, imprison me in your heart for an eternity
because I have no need to be free.
Life without your love would be worse than death,
sentence me to life in your prison of love.

© 1995.

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