By Shazzar Kallie

Passiveness gets you passed over.
Only the strong will survive.
God didn't give mouths just to eat,
He gave them to speak,
And to stand up for what is right.

How long will we be victimized
In this so-called land of freedom and opportunity?
Bound to racist judgments
By this system of injustice,
And rules that are not justified unto our race.

When will we finally have a voice,
And be the head instead of the tail?
It is up to us as a people
Not to be passive but to be active.
If we don't stand, no one will pick us up.

Blessed with wisdom
And a God-given strong mentality.
We must reach forward to the future,
And not be held back with the past.
Passiveness will not get me passed over!

© 1992

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