MaYa   ANGELou

By Shazzar Kallie

Maya, marvelous, magnificent and meaningful
Are words that evoke the essence of precious art.
The beauty of these words enrich the soul
To the point of striking bull's-eye with a poetic dart.

Abiding through life; you've experienced great joys and pains.
You're an elegant, enamored ebony flower with a genuine gold stem.
Your prevalence in hearts of mankind shall forever reign
As you enrich and enlighten the world with your literary gems.

Young and old people shall gather together in your name
To praise the achievements of the most inspiring woman known.
On the wind beneath the wings of doves is from where you came,
As you will inspire a nation to let love, peace and unity be shown.

Angelou is amorous and angelic as the word angel itself,
Because you're like a heavenly spirit nurturing our spiritual health.
As I walk my path of life I'll never leave my mind on a shelf,
Because with an inspiration like you, I have an inspirational wealth.

© 1993

Inspired by Maya Angelou


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