My Poetic Essence

By Shazzar Kallie

Introverted, poetic, athletic,
I'm quiet, I write, and I run.
I'm judged shy as a guy,
but do people really know me inside?

Sometimes insecurity and doubt
hinder my speech.
Whereas, I cannot teach or preach
what I know verbally but I can still reach
through my writings, my prose, my plays,
my poetry I suppose!
My fiction, my art, my lyrics so deft
they strike bull's-eye with a poetic dart.

Why am I passed by with the ladies?
I guess it's because my verbal rap is not strong.
But when I compose a love poem unto them,
I can do no wrong.

I believe in romance, respect, and chivalry.
I truly have a heart of gold.
Too bad some women like loud dogs
instead of quiet gentlemen like me, poetically bold.

I speak through my poetry because it's my heart.
When my speech failed me,
my poems never left me in the dark.

To put words on paper
is greater than anything said.
Written words live on through memorandum,
while the verbal word without memory is dead.

I will write poetry to express my joy, my pain,
and to symbolize the contrast beauty
of my soul's sunshine and rain.

My poems don't lie,
they are my heart, my feelings, the emotions
of a faithful, shy, introverted guy's words
that will live on and never die!

© 1992.

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