By Shazzar Kallie

Morning brought the sunlight that enlightened my life,
as the fruit of joy filled my soul with peace and love.
I hungered before I was filled, feeling the pains of strife,
until my thirst was quenched with the nectar of joy from Heaven above.

Yesterday is forever gone, only memories in my mind remain.
Today is here to live life to its fullest, for there is no promised tomorrow.
Joy is the sunshine that dries up all the pain of life's rain.
Happiness reigns throughout the soul because joy replaces sorrow.

Joy is a wonderful word, it is full of delight, enchantment, and felicity.
It will turn a frown upside down into a smile that is divinely sweet.
Heaven's angels gather the fruits of joy from the vines of serenity,
as they sprinkle them upon the earth giving mankind something rapturous to eat.

Overcoming the world, Jesus gave us peace, love, and good cheer.
Rejoice in this day, and leap for joy for our reward is great in Heaven.
God will give us faith that will strengthen us and defeat our fears,
for nothing is too great for Him, with joy our burdens will uproot and leaven.

Yielding unto the Lord, we can rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Salvation is restored in our souls when joy is spread, as we employ
good works for the glory of God, because with faith we have the victory.
God has endowed upon me the precious gift of joy, my joy!

© 1995.

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