If I Give You A Poem

If I Give You A Poem

By Shazzar Kallie

If I give you a poem
I'm giving you a gift from my heart,
a part of my poetic essence that is literary art.

I may give it to you as a gift from a friend,
or I may give you a poem of inspiration to heal
a wounded heart that has been slow to mend.

If I give you a poem
do not take alarm, it is not because I madly love you,
maybe I'm just dazzled by your charm.

I may give you Sista to honor the Black woman you are,
or I might settle with giving you Here I Stand,
to show you this brother here is a rising star!

But if I give you a poem
if it's personal, and composed only for you,
please don't show it to your friends, poets are sensitive people
with hearts of gold whose only wish is for you to comprehend.

My poems are unconditional, I expect nothing in return,
I only want you to open your mind to the poetic lessons I have learned.
So cherish my poetry or if you choose, my poems you may not adore,
but if you do I'll give you one more to open your mind to a world
of poetic imagination and creativity ready to explore!

© 1994.

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