If A Man

By Shazzar Kallie

 If a man
hasn't found something to die for he isn't free.
His life wouldn't be worth living,
because it would be devoid of liberty.

If a man
gives up the struggle before progress is made.
His freedom is not worth
the price his ancestors paid.

If a man
lacks vision and doesn't believe in his dreams.
His life is hopelessly without purpose,
and without real meaning.

If a man
believes there is no unconquerable obstacle.
He has already won the battle in the war of life,
realizing nothing is impossible.

If a man
does not dwell and live in the past.
He can have faith in his future,
and a life that will forever last.

If a man
has been chastised by the righteous rod.
He as been disciplined to walk
the straight and narrow road which leads to God.

© 1997

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