Here I Stand!

By Shazzar Kallie

Here I stand

As an African-American, a Christian, a writer, a runner.
I'm scholar with knowledge and creativity that won't asunder.

I've been judged by others-likewise by my own race.
I've been stereotyped, talked about, and saved by grace.
I know who I am inside, so I never lost face.
I believe with faith in God and myself; I've found my place.

Here I stand

As a gentleman, a lover, and true believer in chivalry.
My dream is to find a perfect woman for me: my destiny.

In the game of love often I have lost.
Maturity taught me foolish love has its cost.
It takes a fool to learn love doesn't love anyone.
I learned I need true love from a special someone.

Here I stand

As a devout Christian and true believer in God.
I was never spoiled as a child, because I feared the rod.

My faith was tested-I found myself in doubt on shaky ground,
But the Lord placed my feet on rock and never left me bound.
When I felt I didn't have a friend, He became my best friend,
While making me the promise I could trust Him and always depend.

Here I stand

As me, myself, and I.
I believe in being myself: why live a lie?

I stand alone mostly, because I'm that way.
I take solace with my peace of mind as I pray.
I will always stand strong and tall,
If I believe in my dreams and never think small.


© 1993.

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