The Gift

By Shazzar Kallie

Mommy don't give up on me.
I may be small as a seed,
and to the eyes unseen.
I may have already reached human form.
My greatest wish is only to be born.

I am part of you.
I am your blood.
I am your flesh.
I am God's gift unto you,
because your womb has been blessed.

Your mother gave you the gift of life.
You owe it to me to do the same.
Even if you are no one's wife think of me.
I am not the one to blame.
I want to be given a name.

You will love to hear my laughter,
and comfort me when I cry.
You will see a reflection
of your younger self
every time you look into my eyes.

I want to use my eyes to see,
and fill my lungs with air to breathe.
You are the gardener and I am the seed.
Allow me to bloom in life's sunshine and rain.
No pain is worth letting a part of you die.

Think of me
as an investment for humanity.
If I'm not born you will never be sure
of what I could have become,
and the good I would have done.

I may become the president,
or the doctor who discovers a cure.
I want to play in the sand
as you watch me mature.
Please give me the gift of life.

© 1996.

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