The Gospel Diva
By Shazzar Kallie

Divine deliverance radiates from your angelic, alto voice
expelling doubt as fears disappear from the hearts
of those who hear the gospel infused deep within your soul.
You are a brilliant, ascending star that shines with the grace and glory
God has given you to sing about the greatness of Christ the King.

Inspiration emanates from you spreading the Holy Spirit
upon the hearts of believers, evoking emotions
that transform you into a soulful siren serenading God's love.
He has made you an invaluable instrument of His praise,
who vocalizes with the anointing from Heaven above.

Victorious in your Christian faith you reach out
with harmonious melodies to tell the world what the Savior is about.
Warmth exudes from your worship as you sing sincerely from the soul.
Your essence has been endowed with a miraculous gift to uplift,
because it's true that God's chosen are the blessed few.

Anointed with an awesome ability of exaltation.
God has destined you for great prosperity and success.
Always let the beauty within your soul shine,
and the love inside your heart glow so you can be truly blessed.
If you believe there is nothing in life you cannot achieve.


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