By Shazzar Kallie

To have a friend is to have someone who cares,
and would be there for you to give you their all.
It's a special relationship that two people share
throughout the seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall.

A friend is someone you can trust and tell your secrets to,
because a friend will never betray and let you down.
Even when the good times turn bad a friend will give you
a reason to smile with joy, never wanting you to frown.

A friendship is a bond that will blossom and grow
with healthy doses of tender, loving care.
Like a flower a friendship needs love's sunshine,
because finding a real friend is to find something rare.

When looking for a friend one has to look within themselves,
because only then they will know who's good for their health.
They can seek a friendship of faith without doubt,
because having a real friend is what life's all about.

© 1994.

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