Fishing For Ms. Right

Fishing For Ms. Right

By Shazzar Kallie

I sometimes wonder will I ever find Ms. Right,
the girl of my dreams who will show me love's true light.
Why is it so hard to find the right woman who'll love me,
when there are so many fish in love's vast sea?

I've been fishing for as long as I can remember,
but I never received a worthy bite or sincere look.
Maybe a few barracudas and playful catfish pulled my line,
but where's the sweet, beautiful angel fish I've tried to hook?

"All men are dogs" is what I hear some women say,
but when the real men come they don't look their way.
I think they feel the nice fish are slow while the dog fish is fast,
making the saying so true with them, "nice guys always finish last."

I won't give up because I know someone wants a catch like me,
a woman who needs a real man who will love her unconditionally.
I'll try again with lessons learned and throw out another line,
with faith I'll hook the Ms. Right who's been so hard for me to find.

© 1994.

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