A Test Of Faith

By Shazzar Kallie

When times are hard
And the funds are low.
It seems like nothing can get worse
Or sink further below.

There is a certain thing called faith
That can help the most depressed out.
It is the substance of pure belief
That can crush all fears and doubts.

When a trial comes no need to fear,
When a hardship comes no need to fret.
With hope and confidence that is sincere.
There is no need to give up yet.

It is a test of faith.
God is just making your patience strong.
Resist the temptation to give in
Because the rain never lasts that long.

The rain nurtures you
And makes your roots come alive.
Faith is the sunshine that completes the cycle
If you don't give up and strive!


Faith is the Dearest

Faith is the Dearest
To those who can believe.
Hope is a preview
And confidence is the seed.

© 1993.

Always Keep The Faith!

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