Ebony Flowers

By Shazzar Kallie

Lovely nubian princesses,
beautiful as ebony flowers.

With petals of knowledge,

You are the doctors, lawyers, scientists and teachers.
You form our intelligence from the womb,
while giving us the tools
of our magnificent minds.

With petals of love,

You are the wives, sweethearts, mothers, sisters and daughters.
With hugs and kisses, your affection is endless.
And even when wronged you show your strength,
with forgiving hearts that are so kind.

With petals of creativity,

You are the artists, writers, singers, dancers, actresses and architects.
Artwork and poems enrich the soul as novels enlighten,
and your songs and dance makes us whole.
Acting is with precision just as your architectural design.

Your stems are the pillars
which have supported many generations through the ages.

Through trials, triumphs, joys and strife,
you are the alpha and omega of all life
throughout history's pages.

Your roots are the essence
that nurtures the mind, body and soul.

As veins in mother earth,
you were first upon the ancient land
to give mankind birth.

From Africa over the oceans to the Americas,
you are man's true source of power.

© 1993.

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