By Shazzar Kallie

In the back of a police car I'm imprisoned for no crime,
but being running and BLACK, I was only training for track!
Two white officers stopped me on a dark, desolate road at night,
telling me two BLACK men robbed a couple and put up a fight.

They said I fit the description because I was BLACK,
even though I had on a running suit, Walkman and headed towards their direction.
I was only eighteen at the time so I couldn't have looked like the two
thirty year old BLACK men who did the crime, nor was I dressed like a thug.
If I was guilty wouldn't I had run in the opposite direction like someone who mugged?

I was finally released from the car a half hour later when their computer
couldn't find a trace of my existence, it only made me more persistent
to fight against racism, injustice and not let the "drama" get me down.
My run became a walk the long way home as tears ran down my face.
I didn't receive an apology or "you're the wrong guy" because of my BLACK race.
I came to discover I was their menace to society, a young BLACK brother!

© 1994.

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