The Big Sea

By Shazzar Kallie

The vast sea
sends waves colliding against the bow
as the boat gently sways.
Calm, cool breezes convey a serenity
of nature on the Ocean Pacific.
The aroma of the water is salty, unique and fresh.
Back and forth the boat oscillates on the dark sea,
as stars shimmer in the black sky.
City lights glimmer miles away,
as their glow illuminates the night.

Cool breezes tingle the skin,
but exude a certain warmth
being in nature's presence can bring.
Waves crashing against the bow are loud,
as they emit a peaceful silence.
The voyage towards the island is calm,
as the boat cruises further away.

I now know
what Langston Hughes felt at sea;
calm, cool breezes, serenity, rocking
back and forth, the gentle sway,
the aroma, and the peace the ocean conveys.
It's wonderful like a dream
to sail on the big sea.

© 1995.

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