A Poem For You

By Shazzar Kallie

For sometime I have noticed you from afar.
I wanted to approach you and ask you your name.
I'm an interesting guy whose name is Shazzar.
I'm a sincere gentleman who plays no games.

When I see you I want to say more than "hi".
I want to get to know you and become your friend.
Words do not flow in your presence because I'm shy,
at least sometimes so please try to comprehend.

Time has been passing by since I first saw you,
so it is the moment for me to make my move.
I'm someone who's nice to know with a heart that's true.
I hope this poem for you will be approved.

A poem is a precious gift from the heart,
that is a form of literary expression.
You have sincerely inspired my poetic art.
I hope I've made a positive impression.

© 1997

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