A Poem For Those Who Are Not Loved

By Shazzar Kallie

Love is a funny kind of thing.
It makes you happy or sad, blessed or mad.
But if it's real you can abide it being on the positive side.

Some people are in love all their lives.
They seem never to be without an attractive mate.
But some people never experience love at all, not even a token call.

My experiences with love are mixed,
some good, some bad, some happy, some sad, but I'm still learning.
I've had love that loved me but I didn't exactly feel the same,
I've also loved but received no love in return, who's to blame?

I felt joyful when love was felt at first sight,
I imagined her being the girl of my dreams and our destiny was right,
but my heart was broke and my dreams deferred without a doubt,
I realized I didn't understand what love was truly about.

Sometimes good love can help you,
It'll fill you with self-esteem, companionship and joy.
But bad love will hurt you, making you feel insecure and lonely,
you're left feeling like you're nothing but someone's toy.

Is it better to be lonely,
meaning having no one to love in your life,
or lonely and hurt,
having a mate who only gives you strife?

Give your love unconditionally,
where there is no risk, there is no gain,
and only you can control the amount of your pain.

Compare pain to nature's rain,
a flower needs it to flourish and grow,
along with love's sunshine it will prosper and sow.

So to those who are not loved,
self-love is the greatest key.
How could I expect someone to love myself,
If I do not truly love and respect me?

Love is all around,
so if you still feel you're not loved,
well, you're wrong because God loves you,
and one more person, I love you, too!

You are loved without a doubt,
so give and live life to the fullest, and with this in mind,
you are a truly loved, special one of a kind!

You Are Loved!

© 1994.

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